Person holding keys on their house move in date, symbolizing a new chapter in their life

Case Study – A One Stop Shop in Action (Home Selling Made Easy)

Recently we were instructed by clients to progress the sale of Station Road, Blantyre in South Lanarkshire. This allowed us to showcase what we mean by offering a One Stop Shop for all things property related. Allow us to breakdown from start to finish our approach to making home selling easy for both buyer and seller.

The Sellers

The clients had their mortgage decision accepted using Scott Mcilwraith and were in a position to start looking at houses. Tony Hooper was then able to begin the process of selling their home in Blantyre.

Using Indigo, the clients were also assisted in finding legal representation to carry out conveyancing on the transactions. This ensures a stress free end to end process for our clients as much as possible. This concluded with the sellers accepting an offer on their home that was significantly over home report value. This went beyond the clients expectations coming in.

The Buyer

During the enquiry and viewing process we will actively offer our services for any prospective buyers who may need assistance in financing the purchase through mortgage borrowing. Having an in-house team of qualified mortgage advisers ensures that we can assist anyone involved in the sales process. We were approached by the buyer who had their verbal offer accepted in assisting them with securing their mortgage borrowing. Another of our advisers Stephen Murray facilitated this for the client to the point of a full mortgage offer. They were also referred to another of our trusted legal referrals to progress conveyancing.

Completing the Sale

Having secured mortgage offers for both buyer and seller, this allowed the clients to move forward with the sales. During this period we were able to secure protection insurances for all clients involved to protect their interests going forward. Prior to moving in we were able to use our partnership with Utility Warehouse to set up household bills. As an added help to our clients we were able to make arrangements to necessary electrical works to be carried out prior to the date of sale.

One Stop Shop Summarised

By offering our expertise to our clients we were able to assist the sellers in securing their mortgage borrowing to buy their new home. This included arranging conveyancing work through our legal referrals, acting as agent for sale of their current home, carrying out repairs on the for sale property, and arranging insurances and household bills for them moving into their new property.

In the buyers case, we secured mortgage borrowing for them to purchase the home and also arranged insurances and household bills for the big move date. In addition to making referrals for legal services we could further keep the process in house.


Our goal is and always will be to do whats best for our clients. A massive part of this is ensuring that, what would normally be a massively stressful time in a persons life in selling and buying a home, was made as easy as possible. We take the pressure off the clients as much as possible to allow them to focus on what should be an exciting change in their everyday lives. This is just one example which typifies our approach to making home selling easy for our clients and a shining example of how the process can work flawlessly when executed correctly.